Stakeholder feedback to advance the deployment of zero-emission HDVs

October 2023

The ZEFES ecosystem specification focuses on gathering, analysing and presenting preliminary needs and requirements derived from user experiences, expectations, and concerns focused on a broad range of project stakeholders (such as shippers, transport operators, logistics site operators, truck/trailer OEMs, infrastructure operators and manufacturers (charging/HRS), research, authorities and policy).

This report is part of a larger work package which aims at identifying needs and requirements for the vehicles, ZEFES use cases and demonstrations, ecosystem, business model, supply chain and legal issues. Following the vehicle and demonstration needs and requirements, it is serving as a link to real-world commercial operations and the actors involved in them.

The project collected and analysed data from key stakeholder groups with expertise in heavy goods transportation and demonstrated experience in ZE-HDVs. Targeted interviews, a literature review, gap analysis, user stories from industry outliers, and preliminary business case development provided additional detailed findings.

Since the ZEFES ecosystem is composed of a variety of stakeholders who are both agents of change and subject to technical, operational and regulatory requirements, the findings diverge by stakeholder group. A rather unsurprising, yet important result was that operators and shippers are essential for the uptake of zero-emission HDVs, but the availability of zero-emission vehicles is currently outpacing the energy infrastructure required to operate them.

The focal points of this report are procedures, methodology, and gathering the preliminary results necessary to validate the quality of the methodology. This includes KPIS which can be used to conduct impact assessments during the demonstrations. In addition, it has become apparent over the course of the project that the partners’ needs and requirements need to be fully understood and translated at a technical level. The outcome of this process will depend on their active involvement.

Contributing partners: IRU, ALI, PTV

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