ESCALATE (Powering European Union Net Zero Future by Escalating Zero Emission HDVs and Logistics Intelligence) is a 4-year Horizon Europe project (GA 101096598). Focused on electric mobility and urban freight, its main aim is to contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of the freight industry by testing powertrains of zero-emission Heavy Duty Vehicles (zHDVs) in real-world long-haul scenarios. In line with the European 2050 goals, ESCALATE looks to demonstrate, through 5 pilots, high-efficiency zHDV powertrains (up to 10% increase) for long-haul applications that will provide a range of 800 km without refueling/recharging and cover at least 500 km average daily operation (6+ months).

Facts and figures:
Coordinator: FEV Europe GMBH
Start date: 01-01-2023
Duration: 42 months
Funding Call: HORIZON-CL5-2022-D5-01
Total budget: €25.527.109€ (including UK costs)
EU Funding: €16.594.389€
Website:  Homepage – Escalate-eu

Project progress

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