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Organisation Introduction

Geopost is the largest parcel delivery network in Europe. We combine innovative technology and local knowledge to provide a flexible and user-friendly service for both shippers and shoppers. With our industry-leading Predict service, we are setting a new standard for convenience by keeping our customers in close contact with their delivery. At Geopost we aim to be a reference in sustainable delivery and become a leading enabler of e-commerce acceleration. In the Netherlands DPD works from 12 locations: Amsterdam, Oirschot (HQ), Beverwijk, Veenendaal, Etten-Leur, Joure, Tynaarlo, Meppel, Rijssen, Maastricht, Goes and Berkel en Rodenrijs.  Please visit our dpd.nl homepage for more background information.


DPD aims to be the international reference in sustainable delivery. Our sustainability strategy makes us the most ambitious parcel company in Europe, and is SBTI certified.  We are already a leader in ZE last mile delivery throughout Europe. The next frontier that we would like to make a dent in our emissions is in the long haul truck space. We expect that the transition to ZE vehicles in this space will increase complexity. By getting involved in the ZEFES project we aim to learn more about these added complexities and solve them. We are happy to be working together with a broad community of expertise within an ecosystem of like minded companies to tackle the big challenge of emission reduction.

What in ZEFES?

DPD will bring theory and practice together by providing the possibility of using the vehicles under the real logistic conditions of parcel distribution. By operating vehicles in different configurations and under changing circumstances we help demonstrate how to fulfill the requirements for successfully implementing these vehicles from 2025 onwards. This will create insights in the complexity of the planning and usage of ZE vehicles. As well as inform us of the most important factors to focus on within the planning of ZE vehicles.

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“The ZEFES-project helps us to gain knowledge and insights into the different way of planning ZE vehicles before (how many vehicles are needed, which trips are most suitable), during (where to recharge/refuel) and after (combining trips to create a full working day for the driver) the trip.”

Project progress

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