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Organisation Introduction

With around 8,400 employees, 180 company-owned locations and a turnover of 3 billion euros in 2022, Gebrüder Weiss ranks among the leading transport and logistics companies in Europe.

In addition to its core business of overland transport, air & sea freight and logistics, the company also operates a number of highly specialized industry solutions and subsidiaries under the umbrella of Gebrüder Weiss Holding AG, based in Lauterach (Vorarlberg, Austria). This includes logistics consultancy x|vise, tectraxx (industry specialist for hi-tech businesses), dicall (telephone service, consulting and telemarketing), Railcargo (railway transport) and the Gebrüder Weiss parcel service GWP, a shareholder in the company DPD. This bundling of services allows the company to respond to customer needs quickly and flexibly. Having implemented a variety of ecological, economic and social initiatives, the family-owned company, which has a history going back 500 years, is considered a pioneer in terms of sustainable business today.


Participation in ZEFES offers Gebrüder Weiss the opportunity to test Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles in real operation and learn more about the framework conditions (handling, planning, integration into the system, etc.). Moreover, there is knowledge transfer on the subject for the company. In general, ZEFES helps Gebrüder Weiss and its customers to continue the path towards zero emissions. This is in line with the sustainability goals that Gebrüder Weiss has set for itself. The company is committed to alternative drives and is testing various approaches such as electric trucks and electric sprinters as well as hydrogen trucks.

What in ZEFES?

Gebrüder Weiss tests a vehicle with newly developed powertrains in real operation on various routes in land transport over a period of several months to demonstrate the integration, usefulness and added value of the vehicle. In addition, the perspective of a logistics service provider is brought into the project by using the requirements and needs as a basis for the development work.

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“Participation in the ZEFES project helps us to take further important steps towards zero emissions for ourselves and our customers.”

Project progress

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