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Grupo Logistico Sese

Organisation Introduction

Sesé is a comprehensive supply chain manager that designs and develops sustainable, cutting-edge technological solutions that are efficient and adapted to the needs of its clients.

The company is headquartered in Zaragoza (Spain) and operates in 20 countries in Europe, America, Africa and Asia with a team of more than 11,000 professionals worldwide for its different business divisions: transport (land, air, sea and vehicle transport); logistics; industrial services and distribution.


At Grupo Sesé we are deeply committed to the environment in which we carry out our activities and we are concerned about the impact that these may cause. Aware that business expansion only makes sense if it is accompanied by sustainable development, since the birth of each new project measures are applied to minimize the impact on the environment, focusing its efforts on those factors that have the greatest environmental impact. The European Modular System vehicles with low emissions trucks is the best way to combine sustainability & transport efficiency.

Grupo Sese is leading the EMS (European Modular System Vehicle) trials in Spain & Southern Europe. In 2016 we were the first logistic company in Spain to test the EMS1 concept (25,25 m & 60 tonnes) and also in December 2017 Grupo Sesé carried out the first trial in Spain with an EMS2 vehicle  (31,75 & 70 tonnes).

What in ZEFES?

Grupo Sesé is going to carry out an intermodal trial from Germany to Spain with a Scania electric truck that will be tested with a standard truck&trailer combination in Germany and also as with an European Modular System combination in Spain.

The company will operate the vehicle for 3 months in Germany on an existing transport flow of automotive goods between Heilbronn (Germany) to Dudelange (Luxembourg), a round trip of 600km. For another three months Grupo Sesé will operate the vehicle on this existing transport flow of automotive goods from Le Boulou (France) to Martorell (Spain) as tractor and duo semi-trailer combination (T+ST+D+ST @ 64t GCW), a round trip of 550km.

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“The ZEFES-project is a great opportunity to test European Modular System vehicles with zero emissions trucks. At Sesé we were pioneers testing ECO-EMS vehicles in Spaina and southern Europe and we have demonstrated that they are the best way to combine sustainability & transport efficiency in Europe.”, Carlos Giner, Transport corporate director at Sesé

Project progress

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