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Renault Trucks

Organisation Introduction

Renault Trucks, a French truck manufacturer, designs, produces and distributes internationally transport solutions adapted to the needs of those involved in goods mobility. Renault Trucks offers its customers a wide range of new and used trucks (from 2.8 to 60 t), cargo-bikes as well as services adapted to a wide range of transport activities: distribution, construction, heavy construction, long distance, special uses.

Committed to the energy transition, Renault Trucks offers trucks with controlled fuel consumption as well as a large 100% electric vehicles range with extended operating life.


As a leading player in sustainable mobility, Renault Trucks committed to electric vehicles over 10 years ago in an endeavor to decarbonize road freight transport by cutting CO2 emissions and to improve the quality of life in city centers.

Renault Trucks offers a comprehensive range of fully electric vehicles from 650 kg to 44 t for all uses, as well as complete support for operators in their energy transition.

For us, electric mobility is the best answer to issues surrounding air quality and noise, as well as contributing to the decarbonization of transport and efforts to reduce global warming.

Whatever the restrictions introduced, our E-Tech range of vehicles (cargo-bikes, vans and trucks) can carry on working anywhere without any interruption. They are the solution for preserving air quality and reducing congestion, as they allow silent deliveries at staggered times and, in use, produce no local pollution or CO2 emissions.

What in ZEFES?

Renault Trucks will demonstrate that its battery electrical vehicle can effectively support its partners and customers in their daily operations. Our brand new heavy-duty vehicle, the Renault Trucks T will operate on three existing logistic flows, in France and the Netherlands.

We will prepare our truck so that it meets our partners expectations and improve the common knowledge in usage of the electrical vehicles (road planning, tires wear, digital simulation, infrastructure definition).

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“The ZEFES project helps us push the decarbonization of road freight transport and promote the technological shift in which Renault Trucks has been engaged for several years.”

Project progress

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