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Organisation Introduction

Ricardo is a global strategic, environmental, and engineering consulting company, listed on the London Stock Exchange. With over 100 years of engineering excellence and close to 3,000 employees in more than 20 countries, we provide expertise in delivering innovative cross-sector sustainable outcomes to support energy transition. Our global team of consultants, environmental specialists, engineers and scientists support our customers to solve complex and dynamic challenges to help achieve a safe and sustainable world. Ricardo is at the forefront of mobility innovation, which enables us to deliver solutions that allow our customers, across all transport sectors globally, to achieve a sustainable future.


The road freight industry, which is continuing to grow as demand increase, has one of the largest transport carbon footprints. The challenge of decarbonisation applies critical stress to this complex ecosystem of shippers, logistics companies, operators, manufacturing and infrastructure companies.

Ricardo strives to create a safe and sustainable world by enabling our customers to solve their complex challenges. Supporting the transition to zero emission propulsion technologies fits this requirement, as it challenges the road freight industry to rethink operations and the business models deployed.

With electrification being dependent upon the vehicle, infrastructure and operational strategies, the sector must change its approach to comprehend and achieve net zero. Ricardo brings a depth of understanding of powertrain technology, infrastructure and business operations; by integrating these capabilities into a digital platform, Ricardo can empower every part of the value chain to invest and adopt zero emission road freight vehicles.

What in ZEFES?

Ricardo is creating a digital twin that combines data and insights from vehicles, infrastructure and operational strategies to drive real world operational improvements for OEMs and shippers. These twins are formed by combining characterised models of critical components, such as the fuel cells, batteries and electrical machines with machine learning models built from real world operational data derived from fleet trials. Ricardo is developing a series of digital twins to facilitate decision making, to support the seamless integration of zero emission vehicles – from aiding the purchase decision for a vehicle on a specific route to prognostics and preventative maintenance.

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“The ZEFES project allows us to combine our depth of knowledge across vehicle, infrastructure and operations to develop tools, in collaboration with OEMs and operators, to remove the barriers to entry for zero emission freight vehicles.”

Project progress

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