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Organisation Introduction

TNO is an independent public research organization in the Netherlands. Employing over 3,500 specialists, we work together with entrepreneurs, scientists, policymakers, citizens and society as a whole to create a safe, healthy, sustainable and digitally connected society. We believe social, ecological and economic value go hand in hand. Technological innovation can bring health and happiness to people and planet. This is what drives us every day.


TNO participates in Zefes from the perspective of various portfolios TNO is working on;

ICT will create opportunities in transportation market for lifecycle management technologies for advanced digitalization solutions. The project results will be incorporated into the Best Practices manual for Reliable Digital Twinning and be promoted and disseminated via standardization initiatives with ISO via the NEN and in the international OMG Digital Twin Consortium, of which we are currently the Dutch regional branch coordinator. It can also bring strong position for TNO Unit ICT, Strategy and Policy on coordination and data exchange between different stakeholders on complex digital twins that take place in transportation- or other markets.

Traffic & Transport will further develop the assessment framework created in TRANSFORMERS and AEROFLEX to assess the performance of technological innovations in logistic use-cases. In the project we will increase our knowledge base on the transition to zero-emission transport with information on heavy duty long haul vehicles with the information gathered from the real-world use-cases.

What in ZEFES?

  • TNO will be involved in the Designing and validating the architecture of Digital twin (of electrical battery) and Digital twinning architecture surrounding the Digital twins of battery, vehicle, and fleet of vehicles; The Digital Twin platform. This platform will be able to handle different expert models, and data exchange for coordinating between the different Digital twins.
  • TNO will be involved in the definition, development and validation of the assessment methodology and framework and evaluate the performance of the ZEFES innovation in real-world applications. We will also assess the societal impact of the innovations and assess the upscaling potential for Zero-Emission heavy-duty longhaul vehicles.
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The ZEFES-project helps us to partly realize building blocks for our Digital Twinning repository for Digital Twinning. The project also helps us to increase our knowledge of the preferred pathway in the transition to sustainable mobility for heavy long-distance traffic. The knowledge of the actual energy consumption and societal impact of FCEV and BEV on the charging infrastructure, on long-distance trips and the requirements on the energy network and charging infrastructure.

Project progress

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