Supply Chain Mapping of ZEFES Pilots

October 2023

Within ZEFES needs and requirements analysis different real-life truck and intermodal operations as integrated part of industry supply chains have been assessed to further detail the transformation process from Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) to Battery Electric (BEV) and Fuel Cell Electric (FCEV) engine technologies.

The team used EV Route planning tools to model and simulate transport and logistics operations of the 15 ZEFES pilot cases and to assess and compare key indicator between ICE and BEV or FCEV alternatives. Based on a consistent assessment methodology specific needs and requirements for the ZEFES pilot cases set up prior to the implementation are derived. Operational limitations, especially related to electric charging and hydrogen fuelling infrastructure are included and analysed.

Within ZEFES supply chain operations the following key performance indicators are crucial: (1) Lead time of transport operations, preferably in daily operations; (2) Cost per trip and (3) Energy use and emissions of transport operations. A consistent methodology in line with energy and emission reporting standards (ISO 16258 and ISO 14083) has been developed and applied over the 15 ZEFES pilot cases. A comprehensive set of needs and requirements towards sustainable and commercial successful supply chain operations have been developed.

With the ZEFES supply chain mapping analysis we could provide an initial analysis on the pilot demonstration performance parameters. Improvements in the design and set up are made. Requirements on the performance assessment will be used to design battery capacity as well as charging needs for the technical development. The need for eTrailers on specific corridors has been identified. The needs for megawatt charging systems for on-trip charging could be clearly identified. Requirements for the ZEFES digital twin data management and tool development has been identified. Approaches for the decision support and optimization has been identified based on the quantified requirements provided.

Performance comparison:

Contributing partners: PTV, VUB

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