ZEFES project Stakeholders workshop

27 February 2023
Bluepoint, Brussels


Under the leadership of Marcel Huschebeck (PTV Group), a very insightfull ZEFES project Stakeholders workshop was organised in Brussels, where the challenges and opportunities associated with deploying BEV and FCEV long range heavy duty trucks were discussed .

During this workshop, the plans, barriers and opportunities surrounding the future deployment of BEV and FCEV in logisitc operations where discussed. Insights were provided by leading and pioneering companies in the field including: Volkswagen Logistics GmbH, Einride, Primafrio, Colruyt Group, GRUBER Logistics, & ABB .

Also, great discussions were had with leaders from DPD-group, Renault Trucks, Michelin, Procter & Gamble, Kaessbohrer, and many more.

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