Zero emission heavy-duty road transport: perspectives and innovation testing in real operations


11 May 2023

International Exhibition for logistics, mobility, IT and supply chain management| Trade Fair Center Messe München | Room A52

On the 11th of May, ALICE and Gruber Logistics hosted a session during the Transport & Logistics fair in Munich on the topic “Zero emission heavy-duty road transport: perspectives and innovation testing in real operations”.

In the session, participants got insights on the 3 main innovation projects on Heavy Duty Long Distance road freight transport decarbonization: ZEFESEMPOWER & ESCALATE, funded by the European Commission in the frame of the 2ZERO partnership

An overview of the projects will be shared and requirements for vehicles, infrastructure, and logistics operations to accelerate adoption and deployment to be addressed by projects discussed. Topics as charging and refuelling infrastructure, road infrastructure, operational business aspects and social/ legislative aspects will be in focus:

  • What is the decarbonisation roadmap of shippers, logistics service providers & carriers? What are their needs and requirements?
  • What is next level of e-trucks? Will this influence the operations?
  • What is next level of e-infrastructure? Charging and hydrogen refuelling infrastructure in Europe.
  • What is next level on business & logistics operations (services, business solutions, High-Capacity Transport-European Modular Systems, IT-tools, route planning, assignment, etc.)?

To watch back the session, please click here. 

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